Marybeth Hallinan,  Director

the choir

Two Rivers Community Choir is a mixed (men, women, teens) choir, singing eclectic choral music from myriad cultures and composers.

No auditions required.

Join us!

Concerts Nov 18 and 25.  Info Here!

We enable you to put your BEST voice forward!


Hospice and palliative choir.

Providing music for those traversing from this life to the next.  

Appropriate music to bring peace of mind and comfort to patients, families and caregivers.

​ As a singer in Two Rivers Community Choir, you'll find a place for you and your voice.  You'll find challenge, inspiration, laughter, and delight. You'll experience songs that span from our own back yard to continents far and wide. You'll sense a camaraderie and a love for choral singing, and delightful harmonies alongside a spirit of community which helps support the wider community, all while singing accessible choral music. ​

A Singing Community Serving Community

No note reading required. No auditions. 



Veritable Voice Vocal Workshops. Assisting singers in actualizing their unique sound.

For individulas, teams, and choirs.

Weekly or weekend sessions.

Also: Fundamentally Harmonic Sound Tuning Sessions.

Our mission:

Joining voices in community and song!


Adventure Singing Camp

Women's Empowerment Excursions.

A unique immersion hiking, singing, mindfulnes, yoga, experience for adults.

In NH, MA, CO, CA, and GA.

Supporting singers to put their BEST voice forward!