NOn-profits we've supported

Our concerts are community fundraisers.

Past recipients include: Hope for Gus, Keep Peterborough Warm, River Center, MATS, Shelter From the Storm, local families in need, and many more over our nearly 10 year presence in the Monadnock Region. 

A friend and I have been driving from the greater Boston area to Peterborough, NH, every Sunday during the fall and spring semesters to sing with Two Rivers...under Marybeth's tutelage. The beautiful, interesting and eclectic folk songs from around the world, the opportunity to sing in small ensembles as well as with the choir as a whole, and the sense of community that Marybeth builds not only with the music that we create together... year after year.  paragraph here.

Patty Turner

Wellesley, MA

  Marybeth Hallinan     Founder, Director

Two Rivers Community Choir

enables singers to find their true voice and sing out!

The songs that Marybeth selects come from a wide range of cultures, languages, eras, and genres, but are consistently delightful -and challenging - in their harmonies.

With consummate grace, kindness and patience, Marybeth challenges us and brings out the best in every singer.

Danis Collette

Peterborough, NH

What our singers have to say:

About ten years ago when I began working with Marybeth privately and in her community choir.

I had very little confidence or competence.

Her irrepressibly positive, enthusiastic, and caring approach has been enormously helpful to me, both as a singer and as an educator.

She shines!

John Kerrick

Hancock, NH

This was my first choir experience and since I don't read music, I wasn't sure how I'd be able to learn the songs and keep up. 

Marybeth works with every singer where he or she is, and uses her extensive experience, a variety of teaching methods, and great heart to bring out the best in all of us. 

Now singing in my third year, it is a delight to blend my voice with this wonderful and ever-expanding group! 

Karen Hatcher

Peterborough, NH

Singing with Two Rivers is fun, hard, a good stretch, illuminating and gloriously rewarding.

EB MacStubbs, 

Francestown, NH

I have been incredibly lucky to work in such an arts-rich community. In doing so, I have come to meet, work beside, and respect so many singers and musicians.


I make it my utmost goal to support each singer toward vocal health, and to provide a safe, enthusiastic, and encouraging environment for singers of all levels to find joy, strength, and camaraderie in my singing groups. Drop in and sing for yourself!

Everyone of us living here at one point in time decided to climb Mt. Monadnock.

Now is the time to sing with Marybeth in the Two Rivers Choir.   

If you can hear and hum a tune, put this on your kick-the-bucket list today. 

Mark Chapman

Peterborough, NH


We sing multi-cultural, world music, as well as beautiful compositions from local composers. We sing an eclectic mix of pieces across borders and boundaries, in multiple languages (Hebrew, Zulu, Georgian, German, Estonian, Japanese, and more!). 


Why do I return to Two Rivers Community Choir for season after season? It is an opportunity to be in a relaxed place with friends, music, and growth. The place is free of stress, the friends are sharing the joy of singing, the music is joyous, and the growth is ongoing after all of these years.
Keith Matthews, Peterborough, NH

Marybeth Hallinan