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Veritable Voice


Empowering Group Workshops

What is Veritable Voice?


The voice that is uniquely, honestly, and authentically your own.


These 75 minute, in-person and virtual, in-depth, master-class style workshops are designed to assist each singer in actualizing their unique vocal character, while learning techniques and tools to free their voice. Using play, movement, and chanting, each singer will reconnect and reestablish their authentic voice.


What happens in the workshops?


  • Singers will identify areas of physical and/or emotional resistance and be gently guided to sing from the whole body, for a more freeing, open, and revitalized voice.

  • Through discernment, tap into your true voice.

  • Facilitate the transformation your inner voice to outer action.

  • Connect to the innate healing power of your voice to keep you centered and sane during the winter months. 

  • Workshops are tailored to meet participants needs.

Who can attend?​
  • Beginning and experienced adults;

  • People who wish to explore their voices in a safe, non-judgmental environment;

  • Individuals who want to express themselves more clearly and without apology;

  • Anyone wishing to explore, reclaim, and revitalize their voice.


Only $35.00 per session. 

Reach out with questions!



"I'm so glad for the...the kind of attention to body relaxation, breathing, and other important singing essentials you focus on. You are amazing and do such great work! I left feeling invigorated, enthused and infused with all the good things making music with friends can do." ~ Mimi Gass, Director, Troy (Michigan) Community Chorus 


"If you want to improve your singing in a supportive, non-threatening environment,
I highly recommend Marybeth Hallinan’s Vocal Workshops.  As an extremely talented
music director, Marybeth provides constructive suggestions that are simple but effective.
Yes, it’s work; but it is also a fun way to make dramatic changes in your voice." ~ Jerry, Rindge


​"It was remarkable how every student noticeably improved in the very first session of the Veritable Voice workshop. Each of us came with a different goal for our singing, and Marybeth gave just the right guidance to lead each of us significantly forward. Her thorough technical knowledge of the voice, and her kindness and encouragement are a very effective combination.​" ~ Danis, Peterborough


Let's Get Vocal!

A Video Subscription Series for Vocalists
and Speakers.

Receive a mini-lesson directly to your inbox!

For singers and speakers and anyone else who uses their voice on a regular basis... that must mean YOU! 


Subscribing is easy; you can unsubscribe any time.

You will receive:

  • 2 videos per month with accompanying downloadable pdf

  • Downloadable audio vocal warm-ups and instructions

  • Guides you from Singing in the Mirror to Singing in the Streets! 

  • Only $25/ month 

Music Workshop Subscription

Music Lessons

Private Lessons for Adults – online or in person – are just a click away! 


Teaching piano, voice, theory, and composition, Marybeth specializes in creating a safe, structured, encouraging, fun, and joyous learning experience.


Limited availability; by appointment only. 

Private Music Lessons

Music Coaching

Coaching for Choirs and Team Building


Marybeth is an excellent team builder, a gifted leader, and can bring a harmonious sound to a group in mere minutes. Through body work, play, and a masterful knowledge of the vocal mechanism, Marybeth 

is a valued coach for your team or choir.

Music Coaching

Sing for Joy!

Drop-in Chorus


Do you love to sing, but aren't singing regularly?

Do you love to sing, and don't want to "perform?"

Are you in a choir during the year and miss it over the summer months?


Join us and Sing for Joy!  


A pop-up, informal, all-voices-celebrated evening of impromptu song led by Marybeth Hallinan. 

We'll sing rounds, part-songs, chants, and popular music to rekindle that innate sense of joy! Appropriate for ages 14 to 94, and beyond!


Suggested donation $5-$10 (to support Two Rivers Community Choir Scholarship Fund.)


Sound Healing 

Sound Healing Sessions for Individuals and Groups


Offering individually tailored sessions and workshops.


We believe in the inherent nature of the body's ability to heal itself. Using gongs, singing bowls, and therapeutic tuning forks to balance the nervous system, these sessions return the body to its naturally restful, contemplative state, promoting deep healing for optimal health. Sessions identify tensions, blocked areas, help relieve chronic pain, ease anxiety and depression, and more.

Marybeth provides sound healing sessions for individuals and groups.

You can schedule a private sessions, or join an ongoing group. 



Adventure Singing Camps


Experience the synergy of harmony, healing, nature, and community

through these remarkable retreats. 


We will be sauntering in nature, singing, stretching, and engaging in contemplative practices, all in the wonder of the outdoors.

Reconnect, reclaim, renew! 

Singing Adventure Camp